Friday, December 5, 2008

Living it up as a Homemaker

It was never in my dream to become a full time devoted wife and mom to my kids. I often see myself as a successful career woman who also has a happy and successful family of her own. But we never really know what fate holds for us right?.

So I got married, had 2 kids who are now both in preschool. My husband works full time as the financial provider of the family. I used to be working when my daughter was still 3 months old until I got fed up with my work and its environment, then opted to resign when my son was then 6 months . That was 3 years ago since I stopped working and now a full time devoted wife and mother. Something that was not in my plan but happened.

Many people especially those who knew me very well told me to pursue my career instead of wasting my time being a homemaker. They felt regretful for me that I graduated top of the class in college and hoped I would be one of the successful alumni in our field of expertise. I couldn't tell them that it was also my dream and what I wanted in my whole life but just didn't happen. Perhaps, success in career is not really meant for me. Things have changed and so is my fate. I admit it was not easy the first time I tried to do homemaking. I have little knowledge about cooking, less experienced with handling my kids because I used to rely to a nanny , not used to doing household stuffs, et al..

However, I was so thankful that I found a partner who is always supportive of me and whatever failures I may have made as a first time homemaker, he never refused to guide and teach me what to do. Though he still is a better cook than me, I can live with that.

All my priorities before have changed from SELF achievement now to Family achievement. I have come to realized that my life is not meant to be a successful Psychologist or a Well-known College Professor, but a Happy, Loving, Devoted WIFE and MOTHER.

Now I can easily understand my role as a HOMEMAKER. I've learned to love it and enjoy being one. I encourage other wives who may still feel hesitant and doubt about fulfilling this role. Live life according to your purpose. It may not be your dream or your plan, but this is what was made for you to become. Love it! Enjoy it! Only then you'll be able to see the beauty of its purpose. It's not just an achievement but also a career uncomparable to other profession of work.

I drafted some tips and ideas that may help you in the adjustment stage, it can be found on the link below and it's also listed in my portfolio of online work as Article for New Homemakers.