Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spirit of Christmas

Christmas Spirit is not yet felt here at home, why? I haven't put any decors yet, not even the most important one, our very own Christmas Tree! I know my kids deserve to at least feel Santa's coming into our house and to give them gifts they've wished for. I simply have to manage my time now and keep myself free to decor the house and make the place filled with the spirit of Holiday's Season.

The 18th Birthday of Sachiko

For the past few weeks that I have not been active in blogging, the reason is that I have been too busy with my online job as well as with the preparation for the debut party of my cousin-in-law who is in Japan. By November 27th, all my hubby's relatives from abroad came to the Philippines and stayed in our humble abode for two weeks. So just imagine how hectic the schedule is and how jam-packed we are in the house. Anyways, the event went well and it was a great one! All the guests enjoyed the party as well as the debutante herself. I was so pleased that at least all our effort was paid off after the success of the debut party.