Saturday, December 6, 2008

Enjoying MyLot

10 months ago I was just a plain net surfer who happened to browse some sites where I could earn some extra cash. Then I stumbled upon a forum where the moderator talked about a social network community where the only thing you need to do is share your own opinions, start posting good discussions about anything of your interests and that's it!! You earn!!

I was kind of curious about it at first, thought it might be a scam, so I tried to research , looked out for some views and opinions regarding the said site. After being comfortable of all the result, I joined MyLot.

Since then, I became an avid fan of it not merely because of the earning program (though it's just a small amount) but the fun and enjoyment I'm able to derived from the views and opinions of other people of different races is what matters the most.

MyLot is a very interesting community, a good venue for learning as one get to meet a lot of people from different places, learn from their experiences and perceptions aside from the fact that most of them are really nice and helpful. I can share my own concerns in regards with my children, or my present emotions as a mother or a daughter, truly it is a reliable source of different opinions and suggestions based fromown experiences.

I must say I'm indeed addicted to MyLot. I can't live a day without checking on it and start my own topic for the day or respond to other member's discussions. Honestly, I will never have my own blog right now if not because of the ideas I got from this community.

That's why joining this community is highly encouraged especially to those people who only stays at home and doing nothing aside from their daily routine, or if you are the type of person who enjoys talking to people, sharing own ideas and experiences, counseling others regarding their problems, this community is a MUST for you.

Likewise, for those who wants to join me and experience the same thing, here is my referral link. By the way, you can also check out my portfolio for my own Mylot activities.