Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life's Complexities

After experiencing a lot of trials - unexpected events that tested my patience, loyalty, love, and faith; the past few challenging months have made me learned a lot of things. Those which have helped me understand life's very own nature and complexities.

Truly, life is not fair. Even good people experience the worst of life's circumstances.

Being faithful does not also imply life's goodness and joy.

Being strong does not also entailed that one can never be weak.

Yet, despite all these complexities, it occurs to me that this is only the capacity that life could give to us. It’s basically us who need to transform these into meaningful ways that could encourage us to continue life without much regret and fret.

Now, understanding and acceptance of the present is more convincing. And from here, I can go on with courage, in trusting what future holds for me.