Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am truly excited to work finally on ODESK. I thought joining the world of freelancers is just so impossible for me. Yet, after knowing some people who are now reaping the good fortunes of being a freelancer in their respective fields through ODESK, I was really enticed to join them and become one of the lucky Filipino providers.

At first, it was really a painstaking journey. I've tried to apply to so many job openings, gave impressive cover letters, yet I wasn't lucky enough to be picked. But after three months of waiting, finally, the luck is mine. Hehehehe...

Lots of invitation for interviews are pouring in. I am quite astound and excited to know there are a lot of opportunities waiting for me which can even lead to a huge change in my life. I can work at the same time look after my kids while at home. This is something that I really want.

Finally, it's here...and I'm going to grab it! and make the best out of the opportunity. =)