Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell MJ....

As I browsed the news this morning over the internet, I was shocked to read the news on front page confirming that the sensational pop star, Michael Jackson has passed away yesterday, June 25. He was found not breathing by paramedics who rushed into his home in LA after responding to a call at 12:30pm. He was pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Many fans of MJ crowded outside the hospital. Many are surprised by the sudden announcement. Many of them are crying and in grief for the loss of a gifted star.
In spite of all the criticisms and scandals, the pop star remained to be one of the most popular and sensational icons in world music industry.

I like his song 'Ben', which he sung when he's still a teenager. The song is full of so many meanings and it really touches one's soul as you listen to it. And even up to now I have this song as one of my most favorite in the list.

Truly, MJ has touched the hearts of so many people, of different age and generations. Through his songs, memories of MJ will live forever not only in the hearts of his million fans but also in the world of music and entertainment industry.

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  1. a fitting post for one of the best singers of our time. Thanks for sharing.