Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Been A While...

It is such a good feeling to be back !!! We have "balikbayans" (relatives from abroad) vacationing here and spending the yuletide season with us that's why I could hardly find time to drop by and update my blog. Anyway, I'll try to post once in a while until the end of the month then share to you guys how our family spend the entire holiday season.

By the way, I'm glad too that Uncle Bob in MyLot shared how he was done with all the Christmas decorations from putting up the tree to gift wrapping for loved ones. I responded to his discussion and shared about my dismay that I haven't started anything yet to spark up my home for the coming holidays as I am still not in the mood to do it. But after the response I then realized how important it is for my family most especially for my kids to feel the spirit of Christmas in our home. So that motivated me to start my own decorations for our Christmas Tree and its lightings, do some wrappings of gifts for my loved ones and prepare other needs and menu for the upcoming holidays.
Now, my children enjoys watching the Christmas lights wrapped around the old but sturdy Christmas tree and were all excited and enthusiastic about their presents.

Thanks Uncle Bob! You have uplifted the Christmas Spirit in me. Ho!Ho!Ho!

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