Monday, January 12, 2009

LOVE on Christmas Day

Our Christmas this year was something to be remembered for sure. Last 24th of December, my little sister just got married in very simple civil wedding rites at our home. She's also 3 months pregnant and soon we'll have an addition to the family aside from my two little rascals. Though it was really a surprise for all of us, nevertheless, the momentous occasion has brought so much jubilation and closeness to the family.

To my new brother-in-law, Jude, I hope you will truly love and take care of my sister and be a good husband and father to her and the baby. I know you're a good son and a brother. I do hope it'll be the same with your own family. Starting a family is no easy task. It requires so much patience and hardships as well. Be strong and be faithful always to the ONE who showers blessings and greatness to this world. I and Robert will always be here to lend a hand until you get it through.
Indeed welcome to the family!!!

To my little sister, Mayos, you are always so precious and love by me. Being the youngest sibling, you are like my little baby though years have passed and things have changed. Now, you are already a wife too..And soon a mother to your own angel.. I love you sister.. I'm proud of you and always will... Take care of yourself. Remember, it's not just you anymore but the two of you. Love and take care of your husband as well. Be a good wife and pamper him with love and affection. Support him in all his endeavors and always be faithful to him. Nine months of carrying the baby is really hard as it is your first time to experience it, but as soon as you give birth and see the little bundle of joy, you will realize then that every hardship worth it.

To the unborn angel, provide your mom and dad with joy and laughter. Give your mom no headaches while you’re still in her womb. A bounty of love and affection will soon be your home. Welcome to the Family as well!!

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