Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please pray for Miggy...

Being a mother myself shares the pain that my little sister is experiencing right now. Her newborn and first baby has been diagnosed with Neonatal Sepsis..Julian Miguel or Miggy is just a week old. My sister had an emergency Ceasarean delivery last April 30 due to early rupture of (? I don't know the exact term).. the baby manifests no signs of complication during the critical hours (24 to 72 hours) where he has been under observation. We all thought he's going to make it through since it's been almost 6 days. Yet, the unexpected thing happened. The pedia called up at 8:30 am of Wednesday to inform my sister and her husband that the baby's condition has worsen.

He manifests difficulty in breathing, his skin is doughy, his platelets number is low, and seemed exhausted... He was diagnosed of the infection in the blood, Neonatal Sepsis, which is a very serious condition...

Right now, he's still fighting for his life, last update, he's pulse rate is low..

The family is in great distress.. We are humbly asking for prayers from everyone we know... please pray for Miggy.. our last hope is for a MIRACLE to happen... that God spare the life of this little one to his parents who love him so much....

Your support through prayers is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Oh my, how awful! I hope the baby pulls through. I will say some prayers.