Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Reflection...

life...full of surprises...
challenges.. inevitable... delightful..

trust...really valuable.. agony....

forgiveness...hardly fulfill
love..pure and true...permanent


  1. Hello Mary Joycelle,

    Nice free verse poem! You might want to join our poetry Friday. Just submit a poem to She is Julia of A blinding heart.

    I'm glad you like the story. Would it be too much for you to vote for me? I entered that in a contest. The header of my blog is a link to the poll.


  2. Hello MJ,

    Beautiful verses! You have what it takes to be a poet. Come on, write, write, write! All the best.

  3. Hello again!

    Just like JenaIsle said, write... heheh. Sorry if I am being persuasive, but the few lines in your poem made me think haiku? cinquain? or a definitely different style on its own?

    Hope to see a new post.


  4. Hello MJ,

    You could participate at WOOF's weekly contest. It is Plotdog's blog. You can access it from my blog or zorlone's. It's also one form of exposure. You can write good poems,.Go on and try . Good luck.