Sunday, August 2, 2009

Filipino mourns for the loss of a great leader and a mother...

Our country is now mourning for the death of our former president Cory Aquino. She passed away this morning at 3:18 am at the Makati Medical Center, after 17 months of struggle with the cancer of colon.

Everyone is paying their tribute to Tita Cory - as means of saying 'Thank You' for all the things she has done to our country, especially for regaining our democracy which until now is being enjoyed by Filipino people.

I have seen how much Filipinos loved her. The overwhelming emotions coming from people who have been inspired by her - regardless of who they are, rich or poor, famous or ordinary people, all are showing their appreciation for the late president.

Now, it's time for me to share my own thoughts and feelings about how I am grateful to this woman I consider a "Mother of the whole nation".

We adore your strength and faith to fight for what is right
And for what is good to our country...
Your sincere love and affection for the Filipino people is inimitable,
And for this, we are grateful...
Despite your own struggles in life, you still managed to be an
epitome of strength and faith...

Once again, all Filipinos are reunited as we mourn the death of The Icon of DEMOCRACY.

For us, you are our Mother – the Mother of this struggling nation. Yet, we will struggle no more,
for we have found the courage, determination and faith in you.

Thank you Tita Cory...

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  1. I was lucky enough to get a chance to sing at her wake last saturday. :)

    Yes, i do see her as a shining symbol of hope and democracy. :D