Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year Reunion 2009

As traditionally practiced every year, we attended the Sison's family Reunion at Paco, Manila on January 1. All members of each family were present except of course those in the province and the States. My husband Robz whose busy being the "nanny" and "tourist guide" of his balikbayan relatives from Japan was unable to attend it too, the reason he's so regretful of missing the sumptuous Caldereta recipe of my Aunt Minda . Our ever sweetest and yet cool nun Aunt Sr. Fely was of course present and even posed for a picture in her most daring I just hope it will pass the MTRCB review. lol.

Anyways, here is the list of the attendees, Sison - Maravilla Couple (Ellen and Wayne) who both seemed to be feeling it's just their pre-nup days, so sweet like candies and cupcakes while holding each other hands and couldn't separate them even by an ant bite. :)

Next in line, Aunt Minda (she mustn't be absent or else we won't have tasted her great known recipes and baked goodies) and Uncle Mong; also present are Aunt Sally (a.k.a Anita Linda in the flesh), Mama Gene, My parents of course, Jojo and Ed ( the cowboy, check it out why ), the newlywed Mayos and Jude, and lastly, the team they call themselves Singles, John and Joey, Jommel, Ej, Chie and Fatima.
Ooppss, I almost forgot, I should have include myself and my kids in the list, heheheh...

To sum it up, the day was spent with fun and laughter, filling stomach with delicious recipes from every family, picture taking, gift giving and other surprises.

The day ends with so many memories; Timeless memories that each and every family will cherish.

Happy New Year to all!!!!


  1. Hello Mary!

    I love that you spent such a wonderful day with your family. It's easy to forget that loving your family for who they are is so important.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Happy New Year.

    Thanks for reading and following my blog.