Monday, January 19, 2009

Writing for HELIUM

2 Months ago I got the chance to learn about HELIUM and TRIOND. Sites where one could share his passion for writing while earning of course. Though I initially tried TRIOND, I have only made 2 poems and an article there and then became inactive. I found the site interesting but not really encouraging for new writers like me to be more active and enhance my skills. However, with HELIUM, which I was hesitant to join at first because I felt that the community seemed to be more serious and very professional as they include those experts in different fields like medicine and health care, legal counseling, real writers and authors, etc.. But nevertheless with the help of encouragement from those people in MyLot, who also writes for Helium, I eventually joined the group.

Since I joined the community, I never stopped wasting my time doing nothing except updating my helium site. Joining debates and rating articles are all I am looking forward to do. I usually check out my scores, for any writing or rating stars added into my credentials, because these recognitions provide me a sense of achievement for doing well in my craft. I love writing since my pigtail years. I even had a diary before which I lost when I stepped into college; though I still kept notes of some of my write-ups like poems, articles and essays which were all collated during my college years.
Writing has been a passion of mine, mainly to express my deep-seated emotions, unravel the past memories, and draw an imagery of my dreams and the future. Likewise, through writing I could find bliss and serenity in myself. Even though I never had the opportunity to undergo extensive training in this field, or even make it a profession, it never stopped me from continuing my passion and even had the guts to join a community like this where my own authored articles will be published online and be read by thousands of people in different parts of the globe.
Helium has helped me to be more confident in myself, in my own skills and potentials. It provides a lot of avenues for learning and training so that a neophyte like me would get the chance to further enhance my writing capabilities and hone it to a higher level like the professional writers. Through their sponsors, they also provide contests and the marketplace where one could become a freelance writer. Aside from the writing and rating stars that a member could get for being active and making qualitative articles, there are still other more awards awaiting the member in forms of monetary and recognition. Hence, it really pays off your hard work.

Thus, I highly recommend HELIUM to everyone especially those whose writing is also their passion or those who just love this craft but still want to develop their skills and potentials, try joining this site. You will surely enjoy and love it!


  1. HELIUM sounds like a good place to be. I may have to join it now. Thank you.

  2. Hi there, thanks for adding me in your BC list. I added you back and I'm here to visit you. ^_^. You have a nice spot here and I may say that we have a lot in common. am a mother of 4 kids as well and running a homebased biz and working online at the same time. Let's keep in touch! Cheers!! :)


  3. Hi Maryjoyce,

    Mylot and helium what a combination , add triond too and know what? There are two too, associated content and constant you want to really earn then you could write for these 4 sites and later sit back and wait for the dollars to come in pouring. But of course you'll have to put in hard work first to have a good pool of articles around 100 or more in each site would be great. Good luck to you and to all of us.

    I'll try to connect at helium with you. welcome to the writing world. All the best

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