Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Adventure in Star City and Snow World

My family opts to spend the entire day with fun and adventure, and so we went on February 5,to Star City, one of the country's most popular theme parks nowadays. The children were all enthusiastic and in high level of energy once we stepped in on the lobby of the place. As expected, it was crowded during the day since many schools from different locations have chosen it to be their last stop of "educational field trip" (mmm.. perhaps to allow children unwind themselves after an exhausting day of explorations to various stop-over). Surprisingly, despite the overwhelming volume of guests that day, all the Star City staffs were still in high-spirit, showing all-out smiles to children and adult guests as well (a commendable work attitude indeed).
And so the day went as scheduled, the kids got to try all kiddy rides and even some minor rides which are allowable to small children as long as with adult supervision. Me and my hubby tag along with the kids as they enjoy every moment of it; while I took pictures and him recording them on cam.
Next, we went to try the famous 'Snow world'. I was really excited about it, I even prepared all my kids' necessities, winter gears like jackets, gloves, scarves and bonnets just to keep them warm and comfy while inside the 'snow world'. This will be the first time we’ll experience such climate except of course my husband (he experienced winter while in Japan), that’s why my children and I are all enthusiastic about it. However, because of too much excitement, I forgot that I left them at the trunk of the car and so my kids never got the chance to wear them, tsk.tsk.tsk. Fortunately, there are available free jackets provided in ‘Snow world’.
Last stop of the adventure was to fill our stomach with the sumptuous home-prepared food we brought along in package, whilst, eating on the long bench provided outside the car park. We’re there for an adventure anyway, lol.. Anyway, everybody enjoyed the moment, all of us were satisfied with the outcome, and we even planned to return after our ‘balikbayan’ relatives leave next week.
The day ended with so much fun, wonderful memories, albeit physical worn-out. Next time, I’ll try to be cool and give myself time to enjoy the rides too, so let’s see what happens next..cheers everyone..

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  1. It's a great day for you!! Thanks for sharing. I wish I have a so warm family just like you!!