Thursday, February 5, 2009

A unique therapist - Doctor Fish

When we went to Star City, one of the places I was attracted to try was a spa which offers treatment and therapy using small freshwater fishes as main attraction. These particular fishes will be the spa therapists for the guests. Unbelievable? Yup! It's true. I actually tried the spa and experienced how it feels being massaged by these aquatic animals as they eat dead skin cells all over my feet and toes. Ticklish at first, but eventually leads to as if electric current flowing through my veins from my lower leg to the sole of my foot. I can't resist but to close my eyes and bit my lips as one by one, they made contact to my feet and the more they are eating on their food (dead skin cells), the more intense it feels. I did enjoy the experience (the session lasts for 20 minutes), it provides a sort of relaxation on my tired feet because of a whole day walkathon inside the amusement park. The spa definitely soothes the worn-out guests with their little dermatologists.
I never thought it was possible, but as I've researched the type of these fishes, it seemed to be that they originally live and propagate in the Northern and Central Middle East. There are two types of this fish commonly known as "doctor Fish", the Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus. They both are being used as temporary treatment of some skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.
They have been popular nowadays as sort of alternative method for health spa businesses; a unique spa, with a unique therapist indeed. Try it and you’ll see!


  1. It's the first time I've heard of this. I would think it was painful. thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. Great!!First time to heard of it. I want to try too.

  3. I saw this on a TV news segment and was freaked out by it. Glad to know it's not as bad as it looks :-)

  4. sounds interesting... although, I really do prefer the touch of a human hand pressing on my soul

    but I might want to try this should I get the chance