Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's been such a long time now since i last updated my blog...

I had been so busy these past two months doing research and writing for other people's academic papers. Yup! That's my job right now. I'm a freelance writer and researcher in a company. I started the new endeavor since December of last year. I got a referral from my cousin's friend who also writes for the said company. They are undermanned at that time so referrals are highly appreciated. Since I don't have much things to do at home aside from homemaking, blogging and writing for Helium.

I thought of trying to apply. Anyway, it could earn us an extra income so I opt to try it out. I passed my resume then waited for about a week. Then I received a text confirming my status of application. I was asked if I'm still interested to apply and I said definitely yes!.. Then they sent me my first paid test. It's a thesis about downsizing in Canadian Airlines though I was tasked to do the literature part only. Luckily, I passed their standards for writing and the first payment was immediately wired to my bank account the next day.Yipee!!! I got my first online payment from an online job! Cool!... since then, more papers are pouring in..little by little I was tasked to do each part of the thesis until they finally asserted that I'm ready to take full blown thesis..yup!! it's really quite hard especially the statistical parts for the results and interpretations. Nonetheless, the management is very supportive all the way. Thank goodness! So, from thesis, I now make dissertations, case studies, projects and other clinical assessments... I must say sometimes it's taxing especially in meeting deadlines. I've become a "night owl" since then... because I could hardly concentrate on my work during the day, since kids are awake and there's a lot of things to take care for..

Yet, being able to share my talent in writing (aside from compensating from it!!) and the invaluable knowledge and experiences I gain from my part time job makes me feel happy and satisfied.

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